Live Typewriter Poetry at your event!

I spent my twenties on the road, and riding in the passenger seat was my typewriter. Wherever I went, I wrote short poems to honor the people I met and the places I discovered — from national parks and rest stops to living rooms and porches, thousands of poems have been born on this old Smith-Corona.

Now based in East Austin, I write live poetry at gatherings, events, and festivals of all kinds. Where there are people, there is poetry — and if you give me a word, I’ll give you a poem.

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How it works:

  • A person gives me a word, and I write them a poem on the spot
  • Poem is read out loud to the requestor (often one of the best parts!)
  • Whoever requests the poem, keeps the poem


  • I provide all materials — all poems written with a vintage 1940’s Smith-Corona typewriter on high-quality paper
  • Happy to accommodate special requests, write custom poems in advance, or bring tailored materials
  • I will arrive early to set up and will work with all styles and event arrangements as needed

noun_76962_ccClick here to inquire about rates & availability

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“I was skeptical that a vintage typewriter, with Scott writing custom poetry on demand would have any effect but adding more logistics to an already complicated event. The fact that two years later people still come up to me and ask why he isn’t at the party this year is a sure sign I was wrong. Scott typed for hours, making sure to get to every person that asked him for a poem and some people even more then once. If nothing else I need to figure out how to get him back next year.”
– Tim Brehmer, Director, Global Talent Management at Idean


Scott’s typewriter poetry was a hit at Vuka Collectives North Lamar opening party. It got people excited and gave the event a personal touch that made it special and memorable. There was a line all night to get “time with Scott.” We’ll definitely have him back.

— Brian Schoenbaum, Vuka Collective founder and CEO

“Scott has been a part of several pop-ups and community events at The Paper + Craft Pantry since we opened our studio here in East Austin. People love his typewriter poetry and having him at our events add such a unique touch to the overall feel of our studio. Scott is extremely kind and genuine to every single person who approaches his table- he is able to bring smiles, laughter and hugs from this typewriter poetry. We can’t wait to have him back for future events!”

— Pei Sim, Owner of Paper + Craft Pantry

“Bottom line — if you give Scott and his typewriter a corner of the room, your event will be better. I’ve been both a spectator and an organizer of events where Scott has offered typewriter poetry to attendees, and I’ve consistently seen how his on-demand, customized poems bring amazing energy to a crowd. His old school typewriter is a huge hit with both kids and adults, and the poems typed on colorful paper or postcards are great souvenirs for guests.”


— Elizabeth Barrett, Austin Bat Cave Board of Directors Vice President and Price Waterhouse Cooper Book Marketing Manager at Liason Creative + Marketing

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Typewriter graphic by Simon Child from the Noun Project