Poems for Waiting, an Introduction

The last time you were in line at the grocery store, the bank, or the doctor’s office, did you find yourself pulling out your smartphone to check your messages, check email, or surf the net? If you did, my newest project is meant for you. It’s called “Poems for Waiting.” Poems for Waiting is a […]


Target Audience Questions Beyond “Who?”

What are you reading these days? Every time I see my extended family I do my duty as the resident book geek and ask everyone that question. But this last time I also asked them another:   How are you reading what you read? And where, when, and why? I got a lot of interesting […]

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Do You Write Suspenseful Sentences?

Minutes the average U.S. worker must work to pay for 12 ounces of beer : 3.3 I’ve always loved Harper’s Index. Some of the stats are shocking, some are alarming, and some are just plain weird. I had a teacher who started each class discussing two or three of them that he wrote on the whiteboard. I […]

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3 Ways Online Book Search Can Do Better

Last week I got curious about when and how readers shop for new books. I put the survey out to my Twitter community and email contacts. I know that doesn’t make it statistically sound, but it does give me a starting point for deeper inquiry. Quick and Dirty Summary: Readers are always in the market […]

The Future of a Book Recommendation Engine

Joe Regal, CEO of ZolaBooks, gave an O’Reilly TOC webcast this afternoon. It was awesome. TechCrunch described Zola Books as “a new social eBooks site to discover, buy and discuss books.” Regal gave a tour of their beta site and now I want to work there! (Mr. Regal, if you’re reading, I’m at scottjames.writer(at)gmail(dot)com.)  […]